WMBE Certified in Illinois and Missouri


  • Monmouth College, Monmouth, IL- Residential Hall (WES)
  • Innovation Hall- 4220 Duncan Ave – Mall (WES)
  • Centennial High School – Champaign, IL –(WES)
  • AMITA Hospital, Sterilization ward, Lagrange, IL (BR+A)
  • Barnes Jewish Chiller and AHU replacement, Saint Peters, IL (WES)
  •  MBMC AHU replacement, St Louis, IL (WES)
  • Energy Star Residential, East St Louis, IL (WES)
  • BJC ViewRay MRI Room Renovation, IL (WES+WMTAO)
  • Quincy Medium Voltage Project, IL (WES)
  • Quincy Long Term Care & Domiciliary, IL (WES)